Trading Results


Cumulative PnL: $ 0

Win Rate: 0%

Total Trades: 0

  1. Enter the trade amount (USD) in the “Amount (USD)” input field. You can change it anytime for future trades.

  2. Record your trades by clicking “Win” for winning trades and “Lose” for losing trades. This will update your profit and loss accordingly.

  3. The website automatically displays your win rate as a percentage, the total number of trades, and the cumulative profit and loss.

  4. A line chart is provided to visualize your cumulative profit and loss over time. The chart updates with each recorded trade.

  5. To reset all data, click “Reset Results” and confirm the action in the prompt.

  6. To download your results as an Excel file, click “Download Excel.” The file will include total trades, profit and loss, win trades, and win rate.